Starting new server for isles of siptah 18+ discord

Hello fellow exiles! New players always welcome! I am starting a fresh server for Isles of Siptah. We will be starting out with 10 slots but I will upgrade if there is enough demand for it. Starting out server settings will be x2 exp x2harvest x4 crafting speed and reduced tame time. All server settings are subject to change and I actively encourage players to give me their opinion on how the settings can be better. As for the pve and pvp setup that will be determined by the general consensus of those who are participating in this server. RP is fun and I would love to see people’s creativity, that being said the server is probably geared towards light RP, I haven’t played on this map yet so I can’t really come up with a narrative. Players are free to start and join clans, cooperate or compete its up to you. New players are encouraged to join as our team of admins are veteran players and can help new players learn the ropes. The general law of the land is please be a decent human being, I have a zero tolerance policy towards trolls and anyone who engages in bullying or harassment. Please join our discord to chat with players, advertise and join events as well as get support from our dedicated admins.