Stats for Herald of Xotli

After trying various classes, I had decided to play HoX and at present having a blast burning enemies in cinders! However one problem I am facing is with equipments! 10 Combat Rating or 7 Intelligence, 22 strength or 12 wisdom 10 mana and so on!

Latest, I am stuck between two 2H weapons-

33.9 DPS(35-37)
+10 Strength
+20 Constitution
+75 Stamina
+19 Combat Rating
+7 Hit Rating


Malefactor’s Claymore-2HE
29.6 DPS (30-49)
+18 Strength
+11 Constitution
+18 Intelligence

Kindly help me choosing one between them, with logic, so that next time I can help myself making my own decision regarding this!

Read this awesome post. It provides a lot of useful information and is a great guideline!

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Thanks for your reply, and I have gone through this excellent and informative guide before delving into HoX! I pick up my item choices keeping in mind on those advices!

Although intelligence has been suggested more important than Combat Rating, the problem arises for choices like 8 intelligence vs 4 strength,12 combat rating!

And I am really confused regarding the choice between the two 2HE weapon I mentioned in details in my OP!

always go with magic dmg>int>str/cr at lvl 80. for levelling prefer weapon dps>magic dmg


As mentioned in the guide, HoX’s biggest damage sources are Hellfire Breath and Burn to Death, which both deal magic damage. HoX gains magic damage from intelligence, so always look for items with that.
Strength and Intelligence are “major” or “base” stats, which provide some minor stats as well.

10 Strength f.e. will give you:
+30 Combat Rating (-daggers), +20 Armor, +1.5 OOC Health Regen, +20 Stamina, +0.5 Natural Stamina Regen and +1.5 OOC Stamina Regen

AoC Armory this Page has an Attribute Calculator (the link on left next to the search query), where you type in stats and see what other stuff you’ll gain from them.
This makes it easier to choose between weapons and/or armor parts which will fit for you best.

Regarding your questions, i’d choose the Malefactor’s Claymore, but thats a matter of taste.
You wont keep such weapons for to long while leveling and replace them sooner or later anyway.


Thanks for the input, as well as for referring the AoC Armory link! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion :blush:

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