Steel reinforcements looks like rusted iron - (vice-versa)

Ah… I always get confused when crafting - Steel & Iron, (NOT referring to the bars), but the reinforcements - look like they have the wrong icons.

Rusty colored steel reinforcements and shiny iron reinforcements - maybe have an icon swap?


I rather they fix the game so u can play it properly instead. Who cares about icons

Well, they are constantly working on bettering the game.
(ive played since pre-launch)

Other than that - this is a “Suggestion forum” :wink:


I do. The visual representation of whatever we’re trying to craft makes it easier to navigate the bloated crafting menus, so it actually helps us play the game if the icons look like what they’re supposed to be.

As for the actual topic: I think the iron reinforcement looks fine as it is (sort of like cast iron), but the steel one could be more polished, similar color as steel bars.


as soon as you saw it once, you will know the icon and find it xD if you change it now it will make it hard for everybody because they are already used to that icon…

you say you play since pre-launch and you still are not used to that icon?!? Oo

I still mix them up… maybe I just saw too much rust growing up? :slight_smile:
My brain goes by quick, logical, recognition - (Im old… don’t have room to memorize various oddities)

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