Still Crashing when dragging unconcious thralls back to base

Game mode Singleplayer
Game type PVE
TestLive client

After knocking an NPC unconscious with a truncheon I use bindings on them to take them back to base. If I get on a mount the game client will lock up and I can only exit using Ctrl Alt Del. This has been happening since at least Age of Sorcery chapter 3 for me and thus I have been unable to play the game.

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I am haveing similar problems on Xbox get thrall to wheel of pain then crashes.
Sign back in Thralls are gone but all the stuff I picked up prior to draging Thrall is atill with me!
I hope they stop for a minute and fix bugs prior to any new relase or DLC

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for your reports. Would any of you be able to record a short video better showcasing the issue?

If possible, please also share what truncheon you used and what thralls were you trying to drag.

Thank you in advance.

Is there a way to send the video of it off my xbox to this forum?

Hello @SDSnakeDoc,

Thank you for being so interested in assisting us in this investigation. You can upload the video to YouTube or a similar platform and share the link with us.

However, in this thread, we are looking for the issue on the Public beta - PC/Steam. Therefore, please submit a new bug report on the Xbox section of the forum, we’ll gladly take it from there.

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