Stop with ''new'' content. Please fix things that have been broken for 2 years

Followers have not been able to gain grit from food since survival and accuracy were removed from the game and grit was added on followers.
That happenend may 2021.
I would like to adress Funcom to review this and how we can get the food table in order (again).

Exoskeleton pets such as scorpions, Sand reapers, Greater rocknose and the like benefit greatly if not more from getting grit increase compared to vitality when it comes to their odds of surviving an encounter.

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I am currently able to raise Grit potential with Shredded Roast for Thralls, not sure about Pets.

I think I remember that some Followers that were already placed had issues with Grit levelling after one of the modifications of Follower stats happened awhile back.

The latest change to Followers significantly lowered their Defense and HP, most folks are not happy with it. Funcom has said that this is a work in progress with more changes to come in the future.

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