Would anyone else like to see Survival replaced with Grit on mounts?

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Survival just seems like such a bad perk for mounts a small stamina buff feels like it would be so much better. Be it for chasing in pvp or simply getting around abit quicker in pve.

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Your mount is able to use the Elixir of Freedom. This boosts stamina by 20 for an hour.

Also the Sigil of the Wolf-brothers, has a similar effect.

I would imagine grit was intentionally excluded for balancing purposes.


People dismiss the benefits of Survival on followers too easily.

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This. A decent Survival attribute on followers or mounts can reduce poison and bleed timers by nearly 60%. This not only reduces the damage, but the chances of stacks being applied, which double dips the damage reduction.

I’d prefer to see Mount Accuracy replaced with Grit if we’re going to give them Grit. You currently need around 60-70 Accuracy on a mount to make it worth your while.

If each point of Grit added even just one point of stamina, it would be worth it over Accuracy.

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Potions can be used on horses? Can healing potions? Or on pets?

Yes. But 200pts of healing on a 9000 hp pet… well you get the idea.

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