Which are the best stats for a horse 🦄?

I was just watching Controlling Thrall Leveling Percentages Conan Exiles 2019 - YouTube , but Wak says in the comments that it is outdated.
Which are the best stats for a horse and which food would increase their probability to get them? I just want my horse to stay alive.


Since the horses can’t fight, I usually go for vitality. Currently, you need vines to maximize the growth chance for that stat.

However, I imagine that this might change once the 3.0 update hits live.


Thank you @CodeMage, I will go harvest some vines then :slight_smile: .

Good hunting!


It sounds great, even if it is just for the adventure and to role play!

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That’s an interesting idea. Does horse’s accuracy improve your own while mounted? From what I know, the horse’s strength attribute only applies to the trample damage, not your melee weapon damage, so I expected the accuracy to be useless.

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I believe the accuracy aspect of the horse shrinks your variable field for your shot while riding on the horse.


I believe that this accuracy perk on horses was covered from Jens, Andy and Nicole on the horse livestream back then. However I never try it! Marcos has!

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Everyone always claims that Asura’s Glory is the BEST food for horses. I’ve always sworn by Vines. What do I need 7% strength and 3% survival on a horse that can’t fight for? Why only 3% vitality when I can give them some good old vines which give 14% vitality and no other wasted stats? Vines and Vitality are the way to go to keep that non-fighting (yet ALWAYS targeted) bugger alive.


I agree vines are what I go for if they’re to hand. Also I think agility can be good for a horse since the saddles don’t actually add armour and agility does.

As marcospt said, all foods provide regen. Vines are best for leveling a horses vitality, whereas Asura’s is best for it’s regeneration after you have them leveled. The better regen foods really do pack a punch. Same story on thralls.

Level them with the +stat food of your choice, and then feed them for the best heal per second food you can manage.

All this is about to change so, hold your breath.


I give them whatever I have available to breed them! No matter what, at the end rng will do your efforts pointless! The best stats hide before perks. The best perks will make a horse that breeded with literally everything a really strong horse, the lowest perks a good one! I had a horse that had 3 perks of agility and 3,5 k hp, it was my best horse, It literally took no damage at all no matter the fight, it was keeping avoiding hits even if all the camp was after it :man_shrugging:. I try too hard feeding thralls correctly, pets correctly, armor combinations, weapon combinations, specific fights on specific bosses when the time to level up was near…
So I quit the idea, stop care and I enjoy anything that comes, so I am free!


You have the right to do the tests I did years ago! You have the right to believe in the ghosts I use to believe my dear friend :rofl::rofl::rofl:, by all means I’ve been there, trying to find a way to break it… Good luck :wink:

:grin::+1:t6::heart:, again good luck :wink:

How about a thousand? Or two?
I really want to know your opinion after this :wink:. All good have fun :+1:t6:

I have over 2k hours in pvp servers!
Every week we were training at least 100 for fun!
I was responsible for the breeding of each thrall.
I had kitchens with 24 preservation boxes for storing and fixing each recipe and have literally thousands of anything to feed everything!
Yes their progression was doing really well until level 19! On level 20 our thralls were getting a perk that would literally f… k all your work and expectations! They did this favor to me for 5 months, they accepted this weirdness of mine, they helped me a lot and I am grateful to them.
Now the fun part…
When we started feeding the thralls literally whatever, dressing them with literally whatever, giving them whatever weapon, we had more good thralls than before :person_facepalming:t3:. I was omg…
It’s luck man, purely lack and their perks do the difference and perks are no mathematics as you think they are, perks are LUCK. But again… Suit your self, I know nothing, you know better :wink:, don’t listen to me, do your thing, no worries, have fun :+1:t6:

Maybe in the current 10K health, Lian smash with 200 damage…but with the new thralls? That 1 or 2 Vit/strength point may not be as significant functionally. Now if you are just going to OCD top strength or vit, that’s not about function but about pride in development and therefore function is irrelevant.

No but they explain you how math works in this game and there is no other than balance!
Gaining a thrall out of balance with really good luck.
Gaining a thrall with really bad perks is bad luck.
That is all, you’ll see, love you man, cherrs :+1:t6:

Your horse needs like 40-60 accuracy to make a difference.

Depends on you. If you wanna use the horse in a blitzkrieg manner then you might want to go for strength as it adds directly to your own damage output. For STR level it with Asura’s Glory. Me personally I prefer durability so I go for VIT. But AGI will also increase the horses armor rating so equally acceptable. And if you’re going to use in a manner which involves getting zerged by the green cockroaches then you might actually want to maximize its survival att. All depends on you. Idk know if anyone mentioned this but imo the Swift Foals are best.

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Unless you find a horse that starts with 20 Accuracy at level 0. You’re not going to see a difference.

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