Question about horses

Does accuracy and strength on horses actually make a difference for the rider doing damage? Like if I use an axe on a horse, does the strength add damage to it or just the trample of the horse. Same with accuracy, does it increase the the bow damage a rider can deal?


That’s a good question , will check my stats when I am riding and I will see . Thank you for bringing this up

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To my knowledge, the answer is yes on both counts.

Strength adds damage to your attacks while charging. I don’t think it does anything if you’re standing still though, but I’m not entirely sure.

Accuracy makes your shots with a bow more accurate. I’m not sure if it does damage as well or not. If you think about FPSs with an accuracy mechanic, it’s kinda like that. You pull out your rifle or pistol or whatever and the reticle is a big circle indicating that the bullet can hit anywhere within that circle. But if you increase whatever the accuracy stat is, the circle shrinks, making your shots more accurate. Arrows kind of do the same thing in CE while you’re on a horse.


Yes on both counts. The bonuses from your mount’s strength and accuracy are applied to you while you’re riding.


Thank you for confirming and sharing your knowledge . Thanks to CodeMage too

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