Do horse attribute bonuses apply to player?

When I open the horse stats, I can see a list of attribute bonuses, such as “strength melee damage bonus” and “accuracy ranged damage bonus”. Do any of these apply to me while I’m riding the horse or do they just apply to the horse itself?

According to the Devstream, yes they do apply to you. I quote from Multigun’s (as always) excellent recaps (here):

Horse - Attributes (31:20):

While the system for leveling is the same with pets as it is with mounts, what the attributes will do change on a mount versus a pet.

  • Horse Strength:
    • Affects how much damage you will do when attacking a target at full speed.
  • Horse Accuracy:
    • Makes bow shots that are fired while on Horseback more accurate.

Disclaimer: I have not tested or verified what kind of difference (in practical terms) this makes.


Thanks, I either missed or forgot that detail. It’s good to know that I’m leveling Roach properly :wink:

Disappointing. I was hoping this would make my horse a better shot instead.


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