Can I make my bow more accurate with light attacks?

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Figured I’d try to do some horse archery since it looks cool, I was wrong, my arrows was very inaccurate not to mention you go through arrows as you do water, I figured combining arrows and bow damage would make the bow better.

Is set arrows still the meta?

Not for a very long time

You need your horse to develop accuracy. Funny right? Feed him accordingly when leveling it, @Scarborough1994 .


Wow lol, I’ve mainly been feeding it vines for vitality, figured accuracy only did at the stat said and increase damage

It makes MUCH easier shooting from your horse. If that’s your thing, there’s plenty of foals roaming the land. Just grow another. :wink:

I found horse archery viable so long as you are leading the target, and upgrade enough to cripple with most hits.

As Marcospt said, levelling your horses’ accuracy is super useful. On top of that however, heavy aimed attacks are where the damage and accuracy comes into play I found, not light attacks.

Good luck!

So I can ignore my char accuracy? I like to be a jack of all trades but generally don’t know which skills to put points in too, RN I got roughly

30 str
20 agility
20 vitality
1 accuracy
10 grit
25 encumberance
0 Survival

(Just going off top of my head)

Rn, id max str, vit, and split the rest between grit>aig>encumberance

After the update this us likely to change alot

Accuracy is the bow stat, and right now at max level the damage isnt up to par with melee, tac on the fact that you need to spend loads of extra resources on it… id fully recommend melee unless you get to sharp shooter levels

EDIT: im also a pvper 99% of the time so it may be different in pve