What type of horse can jump higher than a house?

All of them. Houses can’t jump!

But all seriousness aside… What do any of these attributes actually do?

Which attribute makes a horse faster, more maneuverable, etc.? Thanks!

No attribute will make your horse faster or more maneuverable. Saddles are the only thing that change that. In my very personal opinion, the only saddles worth using are scout saddles, because they combine better maneuverability with much slower endurance* drain.

As for the stats, here’s what I’ve learned about them (if I got anything wrong, someone will doubtlessly correct me):

  • Strength increases the trample damage of your mount. It does not increase your weapon damage while mounted.
  • Agility increases the armor rating of your mount.
  • Vitality increases the health pool of your mount.
  • Accuracy does fuсk all as far as I know.
  • Survival decreases the time debuffs affect your mount.

* If I recall correctly, “endurance” is the devs’ name for your mount’s stamina. The idea is that it’s different from stamina because it’s not only spent by galloping, but also by taking damage.


That was quick! Schweet bro!

Also, is there any reason the foods for B&W horses are different than regular horses?

Just Wiki incompleteness?

I didn’t even know they were different. I used to always go for +14% strength, until I learned that strength does not increase the weapon damage, and then I switched to +14% vitality.

In fact, I’m not convinced they’re different – it needs to be tested because, as you pointed out, the wiki might be wrong.

The good thing is that the wiki can be edited by anyone :wink:

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Improves your bow while mounted. I’m not sure the specifics, but I recall they talked about how it would affect the player in a dev stream around the time horses were added.


I can check on this next time I am in game, but it is possible the wiki is accurate. Every single type of animal’s diet is handled independently, so even though you see that all cats, for example, have the same diet, you can attribute that to a copy/paste and not because the diets are actually linked in any way.

The normal horses’ diet might currently be bugged, as you can see the Desert Berries don’t do anything even though they are supposed to give +14% Survival. If the B&W horses’ diet is different, then their diet is probably the only one to have evaded getting bugged.

Either way, I will try to verify the diets of all horses and update the wiki sometime tonight.

Edit: All horses’ diets are the same and function identically. I have updated every instance of their diet table on the wiki that I could find.


They did, and they said the same about strength and melee weapons. I’m not sure whether they changed how strength works since then or it never really worked that way. Or maybe it does work that way and the people who keep telling me it only controls trample damage are wrong? I’ve never actually done any exhaustive testing, because I’m not a big fan of mounted combat.

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Same. I only use my horse for faster travel and dismount to fight. I use Whirlwind Blades as my primary weapon, which can’t be used from horseback anyway.


Me too mostly… unless of course I have a thrall or pet in tow that isn’t level 20 yet - which is pretty much always… :wink: And then… I use the lance or a spear to waste everything in front of me as I plow through on my way to wherever. I can pick up enough XP doing that in one travel session to level a T3 thrall from 10 to 11.

The other times I fight from horseback are when the animal or enemy is the size of a house - or, whenever I’m wearing armor meant for climbing or something instead of fighting (Vagabond is a good example). The reason horseback is good for LARGE enemies is because their reach is often like 8 to 10 meters and a roll dodge is just not gonna cut it. So for those dudes I get up speed, sideswipe them with lance or spear, U-turn and repeat. It’s fun as hell!

I had no idea it was supposed to affect the player in any positive way at all. In fact I thought it was always a detriment, with the only advantage being some extra “armor” for whatever reasons. To me, using a spear and RMB heavy hitting, it seems like I do about 2/3rds the damage I do if I get off the horse and hit the same way - then again LMB light attacks seem to do considerably more and always apply the bleed. So, I always thought… but I have no actual idea… it just seemed like that to me. This is the horse I’m basing those feelings and assumptions on BTW:

I guess it depends on how big the house is. HO or OO gauge?

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How does feeding a horse work? If I add it in inventory nothing gets consumed

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Accuracy on horses reduces the bloom effect while moving and shooting a bow. There is no bloom when you stand still on horseback, only while riding. So the higher a horse’s accuracy the easier it is to be accurate on the move. I’ve seen some people argue on how effective it is, but from my extensive time in the saddle I can feel the difference on an ACC horse. Could be confirmation bias though I suppose.


I always go with vines for vitality until level 20 and then switch to asura’s glory for 10 hp/sec healing. Scout saddles are the way and I tend to go Argosean because I like how it looks on black horses.


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