No Agility Horse perks anymore

After all the attribute reworks on thralls and mounts, i happened to notice that there aren’t any agility perks for horses anymore… only ones that offer a bonus to agility is the 2 variants of “Jack of all Trades” perks and the “Universal Warrior”.

I dont know if this was meant to happen but it kind of sucks for those of us who want to make really fast horses. Grit doesnt seem to really have any effect on the horse’s overall stamina total or its consumption rate… and all the former agility traits were reallocated into a different attribute.

Also it seems as if the perks mentioned above dont EVER appear to come up using Elixir’s of Rebith… have use over 100+ and still havent seen a single one come up… is there a specific list of perks the potions can draw random perks from or is it just really hard to get those 3 traits using rerolls?

Would really like to see some perks back in agility for horses… that is all.
For those interested… this is the best build i have been able to build and reroll so far.

Agility increases speed? Who said that?

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seems to anyways as this horse has the highest agility out of all of them and runs the fastest (in comparison using the basic light saddle) :man_shrugging:

Also as i mention neither agility nor grit seems to affect the horse’s stamina pool or its consumption rate…

High agility on horses use to affect their movement and Stam. I’d like to believe it affected their speed as well but never did tests on it.

It affects the accuracy of a bow riding a horse
Cross-hair is closer together

Stam pool, consumption, speed…

The stam pool has never been affected by the horses stats. It’s always 600 stam, unless you’re on Siptah and get a certain sigil that bumps this to 700.

Consumption, interesting to note. I’ve never noticed, but would be interested if there’s info on this. Saddles affect consumption for sure, but do stats?

Speed has only ever been affected by saddle as far as I’ve been able to tell. My testing has only been using different saddles - very noticeable difference here. Scout = high speed, average acceleration, low armor and damage output. Cavalry = high acceleration and maneuverability, average speed, average armor and damage output. Warhorse = slow acceleration, slow speed, high level of armor and damage output. But never had side-by-side comparison or any hard data to see a difference by stats. Again, interested if there’s additional info on this.

Are you talking pre 3.0 or post?

High agility on horses used to affect their armor. Their endurance (horses don’t have stamina) always remained fixed, and their movement and the rate at which that movement used up endurance could only be controlled by changing saddles.

This is the first time I’ve seen anyone claim that it affected the movement.

Both. @Biggins is right, the horse endurance has always been and remains fixed at 600.

Yes, this is what agility does now that it has been merged with accuracy. Before 3.0, accuracy used to do that.


Ive used a lot of horses in pvp pre 3.0 and although I don’t have any real facts to prove it. I’d have to disagree with you about the movement when it came to high agility.
Ah but what do I know I’ve only leveled about a hundred give or take and put them through some of the bloodiest of battles. I could always tell a horse with high agility moved far superior but it doesn’t matter much now.

It’s easy to be subjective about handling and control of horses. I would prefer seeing a video, but I can’t find any. For my part, I haven’t ever run any specific tests about handling of horses with differing levels of agility.

However, I know for a fact that endurance has never been affected by agility, and neither has the rate at which the endurance drops during gallop. I’ve measured it to compare scout-class saddles with defense-class saddles, on different horses, and it remains the same regardless of agility, in both pre- and post-3.0 versions.

Pre 3.0 Agility (Grit post 3.0) only affected the Armor of the horse.

Speed has and is now still determined by the saddle equipped.

Agility post 3.0 (used to be Accuracy) still only affects horse mounted accuracy of bows. If its still using the same values as before, then you need 40+ to see any real difference.

I think I can help here seeing as I was literally looking into the potential for making a mod related to horses earlier today :slight_smile:

You are correct!
All the horse perks indeed are either Vitality, Strength or Grit.
Here are all the horse perks currently in the game (Might is Strength and Stamina is Grit)

On top of these they can have the 3 perks marked as “Universal”:
Jack of all Trades: +1 to Vit, Str, Grit, Agi
Jack of all Trades: +2 to Vit, Str, Grit, Agi
Universal Warrior: +3 to Vit, Str, Grit, Agi

As for “Agility increases the speed of horses”… I have to admit, for a very long time I had the same impression, especially when my horse leveled while I was riding it and gained some new Agility points, it seemed to have sped up.
However even then I thought that might be some weird placebo effect or simply resulting from the “Your follower gained a level” giant message breaking the flow of things up and causing you to suddenly pay attention at the actual speed…
Why? Because whenever I played with someone else and we traveled together on horses, no matter how super-stat max level horse I had, their level 0 horse kept up with the same saddle literally on point, which made me skeptical of any speed difference between them.

After poking around in the devkit today around horses and saddles, I still did not find any evidence as of yet that stats would have any effect on the speed or maneuverability of mounts.
The speed values are defined in the saddle table in 3 values Walk speed / Run speed / Sprint speed. The first 2 being identical for every saddle in the game and the sprint speed slightly varying based on the type of saddle.
Alongside this there’s a 4th parameter defining their acceleration template, (slow / travel / fast) that refers to a separate table where each of those has acceleration speeds defined in stages.

Easier if I show you I guess :slight_smile:
Here’s the Saddle-table record for the Aquilonian Scout Saddle for example:

And here’s the acceleration profile for Travel saddles that the last value is referring to:


This is a guy who I swear has the devkit open 24/7 :laughing:

Either that or far more patience than I do to let it load up each time something like this comes up.

In either case, great job.

No! I secretly swear at it when it’s taking ages to load or crashing :smiley: I just don’t post that hahaha