Horse movement has changed?

So came back after a year or so hiatus. Am I imagining things or have changes been made to horse movement? I remember them being quite agile and being able to jump reasonably well. My horse feels like trying to turn a bus now and I can’t get it to jump up onto even a half height foundation.


Put a scout saddle on. They maneuver the best. Light/Medium/Heavy are the worst, and Cavalry is in-between.


This. Compared to other saddles, scout saddles are unreasonably good. Or rather, to avoid nerfs, I should say that the other saddles are unreasonably bad :wink:

And welcome back!


Thanks for the replies, Scout saddle it is than!


I still find it hard to do a proper ride with my horse. Maybe it’s because I play on ps4 and the rendering is awful, or even better I am a slow learner, who knows.
I believe that horses need a bit more rework. I don’t like the way they charge from stasis. Sometimes I just want to turn slowly to the direction I want to run and instead of turning I am charging on walls or palisades. On Playstation 4 in order to turn from stasis you have to gently use your cursor, which is more “real”, but I don’t like it that much. Plus I would love to whistle my horse to come close to me, I always place it in great distance following not to bother in my fights.


I’m on PS4 too Stelagel and I often find my horse (or rhino, it doesn’t make a difference) can’t gallop for long. It’s like it stumbles every few steps and goes back to trotting. I’m not sure if it’s me doing it wrong, or the game having trouble rendering while I move, or the saddle I’m using, or what.


It’s the rendering. PS5, you can ride like there is no tomorrow.


Well that sucks. It only really started happening since the last update too, so I guess PS4 is being left behind.

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This one has ridden less responsive equines, but only rarely or when they are not yet accustomed to humans.

The scout saddle does help and brings them up to base expected for a newly trained riding horse… assuming Sony jank doesn’t bork it.

PS4 jank does frequently bork it.


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