Mount combat needs to be better

So riding around with a lance and everything, by the time I make a turn the enemy has already caught up so trying to hit it with a lance is practically useless especially since the lance is heavy asf, faster movement, turning, and more stamina would be a better start.

Although I’d imagine using a sword on the horse to be better.

Are you purposely not looking at everything on the left side?.. is that also a modded server? because my horse do not turn that fast… not to mention this was PvP not PvE… In PvE the AI is literally right behind you.

He’s turning quite slow in the video. A scout or cavalry saddle can turn incredibly quickly.

What you do is you do need a little speed, but then you release running forward and turn while the horse is coming to a stop, you can turn nearly instantly with a scout saddle. If timed correctly, you can release forward, turn, and then press forward again with sprint to almost lose no speed at all.

It does take a bit of practice to do it, but it does feel immersive and intuitive so its not a bug. And this can be done with any vanilla/dlc saddle or horse does not need a mod.

As for NPCs being on your tale the entire time, this is a bit of a problem. But no so much on open terrain and using a Cavalry saddle.

I’ll give that a try thanks, I was like daaamn my horse slow asf

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