Fixes to make horses more fun

The first few are fixes, the later are suggestions for features.

  1. Turn radius should be tight if you are walking, a little wider at full speed, and widest when sprinting (instead of all the same). It’s ridiculous to not be able to turn around in a narrow place when standing stll…

Also, maybe make horse agility effect turn radius.

  1. Target lock-on range needs to be extended. In particular, you should retain your lock-on if you move away (further than first locking on). If its an archery balance thing, add a random “scatter” effect at a certain distance away.

  2. Melee Weapon damage should increase on horseback based on horse’s current speed. The lance should get a bigger bonus.

  3. Bow glitch that “snaps” firing toward horse head needs to be fixed.

  4. Toggle “Passive” horse mode to prevent it from fighting when you dismount. (For subduing or boss fight purposes)

  5. Horse “ressurection”. To save a horse, you breed it. If the original dies, you can raise it’s successor and it gains all it’s predecessor’s stats (configurable server setting. Slider keeps 0 to 100% of its xp, but at lower settings, itd still level the same stats and traits). If you raise it while the original lives, it’s a regular horse.

  6. A second jump on horseback causes you to leap off the horse. Maybe part of one of the agility levels.

  7. A horse whistle. It makes your horse run to you within a certain distance (render distance? Further?)

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  1. What platform are you playing on, because on PC it is as you say it should be, if not moving I can turn my in game horse around as easily as I could one of my fathers real life horses. Although it’s been 50 years since I rode a real horse, I think I remember correctly. Have you tried just using a directional key without pressing a forward key?

  2. I can’t comment I don’t use target lock.

  3. It’s seems to me this is already how it is also?

  4. I haven’t experienced this, Does it have anything to do with target lock?

  5. 100% Agree I would really like to see this in the game.

  6. Just seems silly to me, Horse stats don’t really seem to matter much. I’ve lost a few good horses, and replaced them the normal way. The new ones seem just as good.

  7. I’m Okay with this, If it could be toggled off. Or fast dismount was something other than a double tap.

  8. Absolutely This needs to happen. :slight_smile:



  1. I think the problem is that if your horse has any forward momentum at all, the turn radius is still huge. If they’re going to go with a “realistic” approach, they should have a fully variable turn radius based on speed. Otherwise, it needs to be more responsive (horse stopping faster and turning faster).

  2. It would be useful on horseback so you don’t lose track of who you are trying to target, but the range is way too short.

  3. If it is, it’s barely noticeable.

  4. I think it’s an “auto aim” bug (maybe). Seems to happen when NOT target locked (which is hard to do since target lock is like horse length in game).

  5. Probably depends on playstyle. Ideally (for me) there’d be a whole genetic breeding system, haha. Even if stats and stuff were only like 10% variation on things like speed and health…

  6. I only suggested double tap as it’s like double jumping, I like the idea of a toggle.

I don’t know what system you’re on,
In real life if the horse is moving forward and you need to make a sharp turn, you pull gently back on the rains to slow the horse and at the same time toward the direction you want to go.

On a keyboard this translates to pressing S and the direction key at the same time.
I find doing this looks very close to what I remember.

Are you using this method and still find the turn radius too large?

On point number 3. I have taken out NPC’s with 1 hit from horse back, that would take more hits unmounted, that is why I think it is in the game.

With regards to point number 1, stop pressing the forward button. You can almost turn on a dime. I do it all the time when I go to make a second pass with my lance. I think letting go of the lance button also helps.

The only 1 I agree with is to make it so horses are passive in combat.

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I find that I see 3 turn radi in the game.

  1. ZERO MOMENTUM, even a little forward momentum kicks you to the next one. This is where the horse steps in a tight circle. I hadn’t noticed this one because I assumed it wouldn’t require absolutely zero momentum at all.

  2. Very large radius. If you have any forward momentum, you’re in this radius, which is roughly the width of 8 foundations.

  3. Huge radius. If you are holding shift key (regardless of actual speed), you’re in this radius, which is roughly the width of 12 foundations.

This might not be obvious until you try and actual kill an npc using something like a sword or lance. Go try that out, and you’ll just see how poorly a horse handles. I’ve tried it in unmodded single-player, so it’s not some latency or mod issue.

This, combined with the inability to have a mount and a thrall simultaneously is why nobody bothers with horses.

Maybe it’s just you, could you be a bit heavy on the forward key?

I can turn around in roughly 2 to 3 foundations, at a full sprint it goes up to 4 or 5

I do agree about the Mount and thrall problem, and better horse commands.

Try galloping at full speed, then quickly pressing and holding the “S” key while you apply “A” or “D.” In effect, you’re racing to top gear, and then slamming on the brakes and throwing the rear end to the side – you’ll drift.

I found coordinating this is tough for me. Because of this I mapped one of my rarely-used mouse buttons (sensitivity up) to be my brake button. From a stop, feathering the brake button while turning AND moving forward gets you to turn on a dime and advance.

One of my favorite titles is Red Dead Redemption. They know your horse is valuable, so they let you craft a damnably expensive revival potion. I would propose that as long as you use it before your horse’s body despawns, you can get a half-revived pal.

Again, stop pressing the forward key. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. Even if you’re starting your turn from a full gallop with plenty of forward momentum, the turning radius is pretty tight.

Believe me, I’ve tried it and I know horses handle a lot better than you think they do. There’s a camp close to my base I like to farm on occasion for various things, so I’ll often just ride my horse through it and skewer everyone there. But if the turning radius were that large, I’d fall right off the nearby cliff not even a third of the way through the turn.

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