Controling your horse

I don’t ride a horse because doing it with mouse and key is a pain. Is there something I am missing? Right now having a horse with the moving around on horse back problem I don’t use him at all.

What specifically are you having issues with? I think the control scheme for horses works very well.


I’ve got to agree with Mikey. As someone who’s spent years riding horses, I find the system to be a reasonably decent analogue for reality (admittedly missing walk (unless overencumbered) and trot, plus they don’t have a ‘mind of their own’ and don’t randomly spook because of ‘fairies’, but all in all not bad).

If it’s a ‘steering’ issue (I remember Firespark putting out a video having problems with that a while back) - slow down to make sharp turns (a horse, in real life or game, will turn on the spot if it’s not also being told to run forward at the same time). Alternatively, if you’re finding that they turn too sharply at high speeds, try just gently tapping the left or right commands (A and D by default) - pressing and holding the button is more like ‘hauling on their mouth’ (done at high speed in the real world you could even cause a horse to turn so sharply it falls over).

If it’s a different aspect you’re having an issue with, let us know - I’ll gladly offer any tips I can.

All that said - I dislike fighting on horseback and almost always either dismount to fight (or just run away) - the good thing is that now the horse will actually move out of the way while you are fighting on foot, which makes my preference work far better than it did (I used to have to ‘park’ the horse a little way away from the fight, or they just got in the way all the time).


Mrs, Mrs Jones refuses to ride a horse. FUncom never thought about older players or players that can not smush 4 fingers in a diamond in order to move about.

I still yell at the beast for going the wrong way some times. I can make great left turns, but have to stop, move fingers in order to turn right.

There are some places on the exiles map that are darn hard to navigate. As you leave the desert to the forest lands, or coming off the jungle obelisk are finger benders.

Still the worse thing is hitting “E” does not open the inventory, like everything else. Every time the Mrs hears me swear she knows I just mounted the horse, and giggles.


Oh god yes - that sooo needs to be separated. Way too often, just way too often…


The only problem I have with the mounts is that autorun doesn’t work well and the fix for that has never been prioritized.

When you’re on foot, autorun allows you to rest your “move forward” finger. You can turn it on and steer with your mouse. You can even press sprint and jump buttons without cancelling autorun. Any directional input (forward, backward, strafe left/right) cancels autorun.

When mounted, the exact same input-handling logic is used, which is a big problem, because it means that you can only autorun in a straight line. Since strafe buttons are used for steering, any course correction will cancel autorun.

To make things worse, typing in chat, and opening the map or your inventory both cancel autorun when mounted, unlike when you’re on foot.

I really wish they would fix that, because being able to let go of one of the keys is a great thing for people who want to prevent RSI and related problems.


That sounds like something I should really make more use of - I’ve recently noticed my ‘W’ key is becoming noticeably more wobbly than any of the others…

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Best analogy I tell people when using Horses in Conan is that they operate like vehicles in many other games. One of the issues I had with steering, is it was always garbage. And it still is. But there’s a few tricks you can do with it.

First one is let up on forward movement. You don’t actually have to slow down first, simply let go of W, wait a second for the horse animation to switch, then turn. You’ll still carry momentum, but you’ll get the quick turning radius. If using sprint in spurts, you can whip around with very little loss in speed.

The next one is use a saddle that is not a Warhorse Saddle. Scout saddles let you whip the horse around in a 180 extremely quickly. Especially if using the trick above.

I don’t have close to the dexterity I had 20 years ago. So I compensate with a MMO Mouse. It takes a little time (about a month) to get used to all the buttons on the thumb and how to use the mouse without accidently pressing them. But its been a godsend. They’re also some of the cheapest gaming mice on the market (about $30) with high DPI settings (if you need it). I can recommend Corsair and Logitech. Not sure about Razer as I went through 2 of them in under 6 months… but that was about 10 years ago.

Leave W, A, S, D behind and use the direction keys/num pad and surrounding keys instead. So much easier! I cannot play with the WASD keys - too close and awkward.

Some other games I choose to use a controller (while on PC) as it’s much easier than a keyboard and mouse.

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For me (hands bashed about by 20 yrs of martial arts) I found even just a pair of thumb buttons on the side of the mouse has been a huge benefit - block and dodge get bound to them and then my hand can rest more naturally on the other keys I need - pinkie on shift to run, ring on A, middle on W, index on D - seems like a decently flat enough position for my hand. Probably helps that I basically ignore S - barbarians don’t need to go backwards :wink:

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Similar problem with ps4 mounts instead of inventory horses are in the barn most days.

So buy special mice that cost $100,just to play a $20 game.
Sorry I still have $400 worth of flight equipment I no longer use, because flying was more than my hands could handle.

Mine cost $30.

That’s way on the lowend of gaming mice.

Are you left handed? I use my mouse with my right hand, so using the number pad would be awkward.

Yep, I’m left handed. I use the mouse in my right hand and the directional keys for movement. I use the closest number pad buttons, R-Ctrl, R-Shift, enter, delete/end/pg down for interactions.

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