I just want to steer my horse with my mouse. Just like I run

To much to ask?


how would you aim your attacks then?


Same way I do when I run…

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I completely agree, there are many games right now, I will not give names, which are handled with the mouse mounts and attack. It is very uncomfortable to press shift + w + a d you end up with finger pain and it is very, very uncomfortable.

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I would just like to be able to ride the darn thing and get off of it.

My big meat hook fingers can not play twister on the keyboard.
Besides thinking consoles are a waste of time. My fingers dont work the controller either.
Thats why we dont use them. It seems as tho FUncom is forcing us to play with console fingers.

I have considered installed my CH Products flight controller just to ride a blinkin horse.

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Omg ,seriously? What? I’m happy with the way horse move … so we should all change everything to accommodate you? Or accommodate the guy with the awkward fingers? Come on now ! Get real !

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patch is 3 days old and still have no radial menu, and cant get off horse once on.
No one on our official server has gotten off a horse yet with out getting out of the game and coming back in,

So the crappy console movement for PC does not matter. The horses do not work.

Did you look at the keybinds…it’s not the same button as getting on by default.

You can aim independently of your horse, catering to your demands would remove that ability and remove a strong element of the mounted combat system.


I agree, the keyboard combination needed feels weird.

The game that can complete with Conan Exiles for my time played is Mount & Blade. The similarities and differences are distinctive.

Sprinting isn’t part of the M&B controls, so the cloning isn’t perfect. In M&B it’s less about momentum and instead trusting your horse to continue on course in the absence of direction, eventually slowing.

Top speed costs time in both, but it also costs Stamina/Endurance/whatever the unlabeled blue bar is. That makes horsing slower and more awkward. It might improve if we can keybind mounted sprint to duplicate forward motion as well.

My opinion would be that Sprint when mounted should hasten acceleration, not top speed. That would make them more comfortable as distance mounts.

I strongly disagree, and would even go so far as to say that doing it that way would probably render the whole mounted combat system pointless. They definitely made the right choice for this particular control scheme.


There are probably enough people who agree with you Mikey as disagree with you. So let us map it they way we like it, give the option. Not everyone plays the same.

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Without knowing it for sure, I would think that the majority will agree with Mikey, being able to target something with your weapon without having to change the direction you ride in is amazing, but I agree that giving people the option to select between these options would be great :slight_smile:

Oh, the independent control of aim and motion is necessary in my opinion, but holding so many keys at once for an attack is a cramp: forwards, sprint, left/right, heavy attack for lance. It’s not a lot different than foot movement, but is tiring because Forward gets held the whole time (a drawback shared with M&B).

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Really its clunky to use the WASD to move your horse and everything else your mouse, makes it feel wrong for me anyway. We should have a choice in my mind but that is just me.


I’ve been using the mounted Toggle Sprint key and it’s helped with strain during distance travel.

Try it with 65 year old fingers.

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Remap your keyboard or user a macro.

i like the horse mechanics! u can freelly look around no matter where u ride to and that is a great aspect! so plz no! let mounts control be as it is! only thing that needs fixing in new movement sets is a small increase in the start of the run (for humans , cause for horses is ok) and a small increase in roll speed! (will loose a bit of effectiveness, but it is ok)!!!

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Mine would be right about 59 years old so really do understand and I feel for us all!!

If the keyboard and mouse are a problem for you, try a gamepad, or map the keys to your liking…
Really the WASD control with keyboard has about 2 decades in use and it’s a standard nowdays.