Horse turn speed + Startup sprint speed

This is an opinion (and suggestion), i’d like to know if other people feel the same way:
I just came out of the Testlive servers to test the new features, and this is what i gathered so far and as a player / user since day 1 of Early Release, i have some opinions:

1 - I genuinely feel like when sprinting, the horse turns too slow, it’s not just hard to turn (i understand why it would be harder than off-sprinting), it’s very hard and clunky, i feel.
The regular speed turn feels good and fair though.

2 - Sometimes it’s hard to adapt to change, i get it, but i really feel like the startup sprint (both on feet and ON horseback) are a tad too slow, just a tad.

Maybe people will agree, maybe not, but these are my suggestions to work on from my two hour (so far) experience in Test Live.


I agree, I am trying to use it often to see if I can get used to it, but it feels too slow.

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Yes. Horse and on foot. Game got a lot more sluggish. My character feels like it gained 100 pounds and a bad back. I understand they are trying for more realism, but in the game world, we are all gods of war and our characters are starting to feel like RL couch potatoes, with TV remotes in hand, rather than swords.

Maybe that could make a progression as we level up? Coding would be pretty complicated I expect, but how great would it be to go from sluggish players at level 1, to the lightning reflexes we have become accustomed with at 60?


Did you try to drifting while on your horse? You can fast turn when you sprint by:

  1. Sprinting
  2. Press S
  3. Turn by pressing left or right
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I want to drift. :slight_smile:
The keyboard commands are still a bit awkward for my fingers. Might need more practice before I can avoid running into trees.

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Hey there,

We’ll send this feedback to our team for their consideration.


Don’t tell anyone, but it took me a little bit to get used to the turning and controlling the horse, too :wink:
But also, no on was born a perfect rider :wink:

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Sadly, driving/steering games are horrible on keyboards. There is no distinction between hard or light turn when pressing a turn key. The worst is when a game determines hard or light turns based on the duration of key press. That always forces keyboard users to have a second or two lag before they can start the hard turn.

I expect over time, any mounted pvp will be dominated by console players, unless someone gets really crazy and runs Conan on PC with a full racing wheel setup.

The drifting is amazing, whoever in the team came up with that deserves a raise!

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No Mods
Using a controller (not keyboard)

I have noticed the following after performing these steps with a controller:

When I first mount the horse I can canter/trot and it does not use any stamina.
When I first have the horse gallop/run, it does use stamina.
After I come to a complete stop and let the horse rest to regain stamina when I try to canter/trot the stamina is being used.
If I dismount and remount the horse and I have the horse canter/trot, it does not use stamina.

Steps (using controller)

  1. Mount horse and canter/trot (no stamina depleted)
  2. Make horse gallop/run (stamina depleted as expected)
  3. Stop horse and let horse regain full stamina.
  4. Make horse canter/trot (now the stamina IS depleted)
  5. Dismount horse.
  6. Mount horse and canter/trot (no stamina depleted)
  7. Make horse gallop/run (stamina depleted as expected)
  8. Stop horse and let horse regain full stamina.
  9. Make horse canter/trot (now the stamina IS depleted)
  10. Dismount horse.
  11. Mount horse and canter/trot (no stamina depleted)

EDIT: I noticed that after the first sprint/gallop/run that when I tried to canter/jog/trot that my character still leaned forward as if trying to sprint/gallop/run. I decided to try pressing down on the left joystick to see it would toggle between the sprint/gallop/run and the canter/jog/trot. It did.

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Horse should only be using stamina when it’s in a full sprint/gallop.

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That is what I thought, but I have noticed that after the first sprint/gallop that even the jog/canter/trot uses stamina unless you dismount and remount the horse.

I did not know i could drift, no. I will try that today for sure.
Also to your second comment, it didn’t take me much to get used to the steering actually, i simply don’t think the sprint turn speed is good (it offers too much resistance) thus it feels clunky and harder than necessary to turn, it’s an opinion and i think it could use a little touch-up, regardless of the drift option. Like i said, the non sprint turn is great and fair, it’s only the sprinting one that feels too clunky.

I’ve played and still play many games with horse riding, some have great intuitive steering mechanisms and we can all make comparisons that way.

It feels fine to me. I have no problem charging, wheeling around, and charging back for a second pass. In single player I tamed and built the T1 saddle and thought it was ok. Then I spawned in the savage saddle. The saddle makes a big difference. The savage saddle (cavalry type) makes your horse very fast and agile. The standard T1, T2, and T3 saddles are warhorse type. The make your mount less maneuverable in exchange for more tankiness. If you have not tried it yet, go into single player on Testlive client, make yourself and admin, and spawn the savage saddle and a horse and see if it still feels clunky.

For what it’s worth, I understand the turning to be challenging as well IF you don’t figure out the proper how. I can turn REALLY quick FROM a sprint, but you cannot turn quick WHILE sprinting, and I think that’s the point. That really shouldn’t be possible IMO. And, if you figure out drifting, you can do some pretty cool stuff on the horse…

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