Can saddles get some love please? :)

Pretty much all saddles added lately via Battle pass etc. are of the “Defense” type.

(Now, personally I don’t really like those and prefer Cavalry saddles, so it would be nice to get some variety)

However, maybe it’s time for a little bit of a rework? I know lots of people have been dying to get… dye channels on saddles :stuck_out_tongue: so that they become more customizable.

And maybe we could also get the illusion system working on them, which would coincidentally solve the above lack of variety in the Scout / Cavalry department.

Thank you!


You might be the only person on this planet that prefers cavalry. How’s that stamina drain working out for you

just fine :slight_smile: the added speed makes up for it for the most part and I just like taking corners fast :joy: so it’s more of an enjoyment factor


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