Thrall & Pet Improvements (making accuracy, encumberance, grit etc useful)

Currently, Grit & Encumberance serve no purpose on thralls when they gain points through equipped armour. Survival, and to a lesser extent accuracy, are underwhelming stats.

I suggest that Encumberance adds 1 inventory slot per point. I haven’t thought of anything for grit as of yet, except having it function as agility or vitality, making grit armour not pointless for thralls.

Accuracy is a stat that has varying degrees of usefulness. It necessary on archers and thats it.
A high accuracy stat or growth chance on pets and fighter thralls makes them very undesirable.

To remedy this, my suggestion is to add a small critical hit chance or extra armour penetration to the followers accuracy stat.

Survival as a stat has it’s place on followers, but is much less desirable than the 3 main combat stats. Here, I suggest limiting the maximum growth chance on survival to 40% (already the minimum for every stat).

In addition, I suggest the reworking of every perk that only adds survival, so that they also include a small bump to another stat.

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