Stuck character

Platform: PC
Game Mode: JCE
Server Type: OFICIAL 1003
Server Name: OFIFCIAL SERVER 1003

Good morning; When starting the game, the character gets stuck, he does not advance when pressing W on the keyboard or going back S, he always returns infinitely to the starting position. Thank you.

Foot nailed to floor. It will either solve it’s self after a few relogs and some time or, take off your bracelet.

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Thank you for your message, if I restart ten times until it unlocks and it remains unlocked again until the next time it locks again, I don’t know if the admins read these messages, isn’t there a solution?
Thank you.

I reported the same. Really the only thing that works is to remove bracelet.

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If you take off the bracelet you will lose your character and their progress, based on everything you will have to start a new game, is that right?

Not that no, it’s a quick death to get you out if situations like this

Ah!!!, it’s dying and that’s it?, like when NPCs kill you?, so it is a valid option, thank you.

Yes :slight_smile: you can access “remove bracelet” in the menu

Ty, :slight_smile:

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