Stuck in somebody's base, no way out (it's under the tower of bats and I'm stuck on a staircase)


Fell into someones base, unable to get out - they built it under the tower of bats (enough said).

PvE - Online Official;
Region: UK/EU;
Server: #10 PvE -g- Portal .com (Official Server)
Revision (#235257/25921).

Step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced.
Please find and fix the bug:

  1. fall into a closed area built by another player, (in this case 2x2 Man Army).
  2. There you go, now try to get out, when there’s no access and you cannot climb that far, have nothing to build with - you get the idea.
  3. Any solutions welcome, because as it stands 240+ hours of game play are currently at a standstill - I’m also stuck in between the wall, stairs, ceiling and my horse and have somehow glitched into the hit-box of the railing and become utterly stuck, more than I was previously…
    Yes, I’ve tried exiting, reloading - no help from that one, mainly because in addition to still being stuck on a staircase, I’m still inside a closed area with no exit.
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remove bracelet, return to your bed ?

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Recall your horse to your going to loose all your items but it should get you out.

As @starbugpilo said pull the bracelet.

Put the most valuable 10 item in your horse. Pull pbracelt. Then wait @ 15-30 minutes for horse to return home with the 10 items.


Hi @zenGhost, could you please provide screenshots and more information on how you got stuck?

Although we are unable to provide any in-game assistance, we might be able to pinpoint and address the issue to prevent it from re-occurring.


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