Stuck to floor on respawn after death - Co-Op with friend

Game mode: [Co-Op]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North America / Pacific]

Hello Funcom!

First thanks for making a really fun game. A true ‘hard core’ survival/crafting sandbox game using a great IP like Conan was just what I needed.

I’ve been logging a crazy amount of hours playing exclusively in Co-Op mode (local PS4 server) with a friend of mine. I’ve encountered a bug that I’ve seen reported before in the PC forum, as well as on the Steam forums last year, but no concrete resolution was found in either case I can see. This is happening on my PS4 (original release edition).

I’ll try to be concise and clear with as many details as I can remember:

Bug Description: I (the host of a co-op server) have become Stuck to the floor unable to move, next to my bed on multiple occasions after I die. This only seems to happen when my friend is connected to my game.

My character moves in place. Walk and run animations work, dodging, crouching, etc. All movements are animated and functional, but my character is ‘locked’ to the spot on the floor where I spawned.

When this first happened a week ago my character eventually ‘recovered’ spontaneously after about a minute or two. I would be pushing buttons on the controller trying anything to ‘shake me lose’ and then suddenly I’d be moving again. I have no recollection of any specific action or button that may have ‘triggered’ a sudden fix.

However, the other day we had our first Purge event. My friend and I died a few times. Each and every time I spawned I would be locked to the floor inside my house, next to my bed. I was unable to ‘shake myself lose’ by pushing any buttons.

NOTE: Because of the hectic and intense nature of a Purge (our base was being torn apart), I eventually became frustrated that nothing could ‘unstick me’. And it wasn’t just fixing itself automatically like before.

So I tried the Admin Teleport option to move myself out of the house. I selected a spot outside our small ‘villiage’, but close enough not to trigger any tether-teleport for my friend.

After a longer-then-usual loading screen, I was teleported…but I ended up beneath the ground under our village. I could look up and see the floor of my house, and all place-able objects from our village above me. I was able to climb upwards (my character was actually using the Climbing animation) and, like some undead nightmare, I could climb up out of the ground and was free to move around and re-join the fight. This happened on at least 3 or 4 occasions (I died a lot I’m sad to say). Each time I would remain stuck to the floor on respawn. I’d try pressing numerous controller buttons trying to move. Would then go to Admin Teleport, and each time I ended up spawning underground and could crawl upwards and into the game world again.

I’ve never seen ‘Admin Teleport’ do that (in co-op or single-player offline mode), other then when during that Purge as I was constantly stuck to the floor on respawn after death. The location I would appear underground seemed to change, but always within the village, never outside the village at the spot I had selected on the map.

My friend has never experienced this ‘Stuck to ground’ behavior when he dies. Note: I am always the host, he always connects to my co-op server.

The bug has happened in two different locations on our ‘noob island’ near the southern River. Both using a bed and a bedroll as my spawn point. The bed/bedroll were up against a wall or corner, but near a clear floor space next to it.

Other notes:

  • I have ‘drop gear on death’ unchecked in my server settings.
  • This never occurs when I’m alone on my server, either in co-op mode or full offline mode. Only when I die and my friend is also connected (and usually nearby).
  • Both locations had bed/bedroll placed atop a Sandstone Foundation. And both locations were indoor (sandstone floors/walls, thatched roofs)

I can do further testing if needed (subject to my friend’s availability). Like testing bed vs bedroll. Inside vs outside. Cramped space vs wide open space. Foundation vs no foundation, etc.

I mentioned the other case/ticket I’ve seen using Search on this site as well as Google. Both about a year old. Both on PC. Neither seemed to generate a conclusive solution. The only advise I saw was to reset the machine or the application and restart it. This isn’t an ideal ‘fix’ of course. I seemed to have found a weird workaround with Admin Teleport, or just wait it out and it fixes itself after X amount of time.

Hopefully this info helps (or at least entertains. The dead rising from the ground thing was pretty amusing, or would have been if I hadn’t been raging seeing our settlement being torn to pieces and unable to help ). Let me know if I can provide any other useful info!


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play Co-Op with friend
  2. Host (me) dies and respawns at indoor bed/bedroll
  3. Character cannot move from spawn point. All animations work (dodge/roll, crouch, walk/run), but character is frozen to spot.
  4. Admin Teleport or simply waiting X minutes and my character can move again.

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