Stuck to floor after dying in co-op

Game mode: [Co-Op]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North America / Pacific]

Hello Funcom!

Bug Description: I (the host of a co-op server) have become Stuck to the floor unable to move, next to my bed on multiple occasions after I die. This only seems to happen when my friend is connected to my game.

My character moves in place. Walk and run animations work, dodging, crouching, etc. All movements are animated and functional, but my character is ‘locked’ to the spot on the floor where I spawned.

So I tried the Admin Teleport option to move myself out of the house. I selected a spot outside our small base, but close enough not to trigger any tether-teleport for my friend.

After a longer-then-usual loading screen, I was teleported…but I ended up beneath the ground under our village. I could look up and see the floor of my house, and all place-able objects from our village above me.

I’ve never seen ‘Admin Teleport’ do that (in co-op or single-player offline mode), other then when I was constantly stuck to the floor on respawn after death. The location I would appear underground seemed to change, but always within the village, never outside the village at the spot I had selected on the map.

My friend has never experienced this ‘Stuck to ground’ behavior when he dies. Note: I am always the host, he always connects to my co-op server.

The bug has happened in two different locations on our ‘noob island’ near the southern River. Both using a bed and a bedroll as my spawn point. The bed/bedroll were up against a wall or corner, but near a clear floor space next to it.

Other notes:

  • This never occurs when I’m alone on my server, either in co-op mode or full offline mode. Only when I die and my friend is also connected (and usually nearby).
  • Both locations had bed/bedroll placed atop a Sandstone Foundation. And both locations were indoor (sandstone floors/walls, thatched roofs)


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play Co-Op with friend
  2. Host (me) dies and respawns at indoor bed/bedroll
  3. Character cannot move from spawn point. All animations work (dodge/roll, crouch, walk/run), but character is frozen to spot.
  4. Admin Teleport or simply waiting X minutes and my character can move again.


Thank you for your report. Can you share your saved files and logs for further investigation?
You can find them by following: Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

Thanks in advance.

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