Bug when i die i resporn in my base and get stuck

when i get killed i go back to my bedroll or bed but character gets stuck and cant move for about 1 min its very Anoying also my friend where ever he is also get TP back to me Why ???

This sort of sounds like very slow loading… is your game on a traditional harddisk or worse some external one? It’s usually a sign of less than adequate server performance, however in your case your second question indicates you’re playing co-op.
So just double-check that your PC and game installation are all fine and you’re not in some power-saver mode and meet the recommended requirements to play the game (listed system reqs are a bit outdated plus you’re hosting for another player so the minimum specs won’t do it for that)

That’s because co-op has a tethering range to the host… Meaning that players cannot be a certain distance further from you and if you teleport or move out of range, they get pulled with you.

Why? Because it’s running on the same limited server that single-player uses… and only entities in a certain radius to the host are actually created and enabled, outside of that range the game wouldn’t work for them properly, so they just get yanked into range of the host.

The solution for this is to download the dedicated server app and host using that, which will enable players to go anywhere on the map independently.
(Ofc that will yet again require slightly better hardware to run the dedicated server and the game on the same PC, but not by a lot… mainly a bit of extra RAM, otherwise it’s nothing crazy for just 2 players)

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