Stuck when spawning

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Host player gets stuck in place when entering a dungeon or spawning back from death while there are other people playing.everyone spawns on the host and the host can’t move for a few minutes.

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  1. host a solo/coop game
  2. die or enter a dungeon

Part of the game, while your video is trying to load the new area.
It happens every time we log in the first time. Takes a bit to move.

I never have this issue when i’m by myself im always able to move instantly. its when i have friends playing with me it teleports all of us into the same spot, my friends are able to move right away and i end up having to wait minutes sometimes. its not a video loading issue

I haven’t played with many friends in a solo game ( with coop ), but the more you invite , the more your computer will have to work hard to synchronize the world for the others … it can be pretty taxing if you are playing on the same machine , maybe getting up a dedicated server ( or renting one if you don’t feel you can do it ) . you can use the database of your saved game (with your friends , as a starter point for your server for not losing progression ) , this will also help you get rid , of the tethering distance ( everyone will be able to roam the map without limitation and not teleported on you if they go to far , or at each dungeon )


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