Stuck as soon as I spawn in

So I’ve been playing on this PvE server on Xbox for a few weeks now and so I log on today and for some reason I can’t move from where I spawn it’s like there is an invisible wall or something I can’t jump either I can kinda roll out of it sometimes but I’m still stuck no matter what and it basically only happens in my base but when I make it outside it kinda fixes it and it doesn’t just happen to me but to everyone in my clan as we try to go in the base or in anything we have build or try to build it always happens now and it has been 2 says since this started and we don’t know the servers admin so we cant contact him and see what’s happening either

Hey man, I’ve experienced something similar to this, are you running any dlc pieces, I’ve noticed it happens more often with arena pieces

If so, a temporary fix is to fully close the game Do a quick cache clear then log back in

That’s how I fixed my issue, but it could be a server issue too

Typically on the PC side, I wait a minute or two after i load in, so the computer can fully load all the information before moving. Otherwise, you are stuck where you are at. The larger the build, the longer it will take. Sometimes you see yourself in the foundations, others times you do not, but ends up being the same issue. There is momentary disconnect between the server and client which is causing the issue.

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Oh ok yeah I waited in that spot for 1hr and my base isn’t that big at all and the other friends of mine experience the same thing and stay even longer but still can’t move normally

I’ll try it longer but I don’t think it’s gonna work for me

No dlc

If you are taking more than 2-3 minutes, than something is wrong. That is a bug if it continues to happen.

I’ma have to start on a new server then dam :disappointed: