Please Help us with this problem

My buddy and I play on a official pvp server and we’re having a very big problem with our server. Long story short, we were farming materials the game froze we restarted the app tried to get back into the server but it took 30+mins when we finally got in we spawned at our base (so we died) but the big problem we’re having is that our entire base is invisible. We can’t move at all we can’t check event logs and we can’t get out it’s like we never even built there in the first place, this is STILL the case after 6 hours of trying to close the game and restarting it and every time we try it takes super long to get in and when we do we are stuck can’t go on the start screen and our base isn’t there. We went to another server to check if it was the game but it was working just fine so we think it’s our official pvp server acting up if anyone at all knows what we should do please let me know if any community manager reads this please help through this problem we’re facing

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