Clan bug that cant let us play

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [europe]

Our base Is like invisible and we cant play we cant join the server easly cause every time we got stucked in loading screen or , if It let us join we are near our bed position and we cant do nothing , and all our base Is invisible .
We called our friend from other Clans and they dont see out base too they only see out thralls floating in the air .
Fix It please we cant play in this way …
Server Is official server 3153

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Have you checked the event log to see if your base decayed? Here is a link for the decay system in case you are not familiar with decay.

I cant open any menù
By the way we was online It cant be decayed we are online every day
It Just happened 15 minutes before raid time
Whe all had the game like glitched so we restarded It , and now its all like i said before

We Lost all ours staffs and base for that thing i dont know if Is ur game fault of people in the server Who Just use hacks or cheat to raid but It cant happen in a pvp official server

Hello @DemonTE650, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out!

Are you currently able to log in to the server and to respawn?

Could you please share any sort of information that you’ve got on the Event log? It’s possible that you’ve got raided by another clan as you’re playing in a PvP server.

Yeah sure in in pvp Is normal to be raided but i Lost all my base and my stuffs cause of that bug or i dont know what It Is . . . surely Is not normal to lose everything cause all ur clan cant join the server cause of that …btw in the log that was only the normal log of people Who raid me nothing more .

I have One more question how can i report cheater or bases under the texture ??cause in our server there are bases like that …and in past One of that got deleted cause its like cheating and i Just want to report another One

You may message us privately with the location, clan/player in-game names, and screenshots as evidence for reporting such cases.

Feel free to send a DM to me ( @Hugo ) by clicking my name and selecting the blue Message button.

So returning at First point we Just Lost all cause of the bug or cheat that i was talking about

I know what’s happening, I’ll DM you since posting the answer would get me flagged.

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