Everyone in my clan has been kicked

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Official pvp
No one in clan anymore

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My whole clan logged on this morning clanless, including the clan leader. The base still shows our clan name but now we’re all stuck inside the base. Anyone know of anything as to why this would happen? Last night we were in the clan and finished our raid and logged out after raid time.

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Send a message to Zendesk

they won’t be on till Monday there time. We may get updates tomorrow which may help.

Have you taken any new members in recently? Sounds like someone got leader priv and screwed you over. I’d be starting with your leader. He may have been trying to take it all for himself and managed to balls himself up in the process.


Nah we have all been a clan on multiple servers some.of which we still maintain and we’re fine on those other servers. Didn’t have this problem till we came to this new server

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