Clan Bug, A existing clan with 0 members in it, we lost access to all of our structures

We want to get back to our clan, we kicked a member and suddenly he got leadership status, and kicked everyone in a emotional burst, we convinced him to take everyone back into but he is locked out too. He even tried to leave the clan and begin a new one and now our clan exists with 0 members in it. We’re at server 4510 LATAM

Steps on how to reproduce the issue

  1. Kick a clan member
  2. Instead he becomes the clan leader
  3. He kicks everyone else
  4. We convinced him to return everyone
  5. He can’t, he even ended the clan and restarted it and now officially there’s no single soul at our clan, meaning we’re locked out of everything
    PS: during the event in which he did have the leadership status due the bug, he was locked out from our structures even in someway the game recognizing him as the clan leader.

Hello @Musacchio, welcome to the forums!

We’re sending note to our developers regarding this issue so that they can look into it.

Unfortunately, we’ll be unable to provide assistance with recovering the clan.

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