Everything lost due to clan bug


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: LATAM

We had a bug a couple of days ago where the clan leader didnt appear as a clan leader, and we just let it be. Today we tried to get rid of it cause we wanted to invite another guy into the clan, so, to do so, we all leave and just one guy stayed into the clan so he could get everything and he can create another clan and invite us all, when he created the new clan, he lost everything and all our stuff stayed with the old clan name, like if it was an existing clan…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Be part of a clan
2.Get the clan leader lost somehow (?
3.Everyone leaves the clan except 1
4.That guy leaves the clan (usually all structures and items would belong to that guy)
5.That guy creates a new clan
6.Lose everything and the old clan remains with all structures and items

Did the clan leader delete his character? either way i dont think you can delete while in a clan…

step 2 does not seem repeatable lol. Can you explain that.

Ofc he doesnt delete his character, I don’t know how to repeat the step 2…

Your question/issue doesn’t make much sense then. Everyone left the clan in the end that means the original leader still has it.

If there was no leader the last one to leave would have had everything for his own.

No , there is several posts on this forum proving otherwise , to be precise , only a clan leader can kick everybody out of clan , to leave clan ( when he is the last member of said clan ) AND keep the former clan possessions. If the last person of a clan is NOT the clan leader , the buildings / thralls , won’t remain his.

to loose leadership of a clan , you can try to promote another member as clan leader ( to be noted only the original clan leader can promote someone to new clan leader ) I never did it myself ( since I am the clan leader of my clan ) but I think promoting someone to clan leader may result in loss of clan leader ( we would have to dig a bit deeper in , did the new “promoted” clan leader left the clan ? , leaving the clan without leader , or did the “promoted” clan leader lost his “promotion” after server restart while the former leader didn’t “recover” his leader status after server restart ? , again leaving the clan wihtout leader … or something else that didn’t cross my mind ? )

That’s exactly the bug I’m reporting. The old clan still remains with no leader on it, the old leader is the leader of our new clan now…

Maybe that was the thing, we didnt have leader. The clan leader passed the leader to other guy and the other guy doesn’t appear as leader and neither the old leader. We don’t know how to reproduce the bug cause passing the leader is something common on our clan to invite friends, but it’s the first time we lose everything.

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