Please help...I can't even log back in the server

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This forum is very complicated, especially if you’re trying to post using the PS4 browser and typing with a controller…
Ok so I’ll try, hopefully the post will be understandable for the devs.
Yesterday I started a clan and it froze the game. When I logged back later, all my buildings said “No Owner” and today I can’t even log back in, the game just stays in the loading screen, the bar doesn’t move at all.
I was loving this game, it’s one of the best games I’ve played, but I already had to restart my progress 3 times, it’s getting annoying, I have a huge base and this is really upsetting me…
I reported the server a few times, but I think I’ll just have to restart my game again , make a new character, lose everything I built and NOT attempt to start a clan EVER again.
I feel afraid that this will happen again… I honestly rather pay for a subscription every month and not have to deal with this aggravation every time I play, because at least in games with monthly subscriptions, people monitor the servers 24/7, theres regular maintenance , no lag etc.
I don’t know what to do, I’m scared of playing this now, losing everything 3 times is just discouraging me from playing… I might lose everything again.
I can’t even log back in the server…
I really love this game , what do I do? Do I wait or start in a new server? Or do I have to play some other game until the game is working correctly ?
Thank you for making the game and for all your hard work.
Have a good day, mines ruined…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have problem with login about 6;30 - 7:30, about 7:35 its worked.

Besides, it’s a bravo Funcom! It’s sad, disappearing traps, buildings, despite the daily logging in, someone spoils this game from the inside, wake up Funcom!

Hey there,

We’ll be releasing a patch today at 2pm CET with a fix to the “No Owner” issue.
Thanks for your feedback


Have you considered renting your own server. You would have control and you could invite your friends in and split the rental fees. Gportal is all that is available for ps4.

I managed to log back on, but after 8 days, it still says “no owner” on my base buildings. Also I had a guy ask me to join my clan, I helped him all afternoon yesterday, crafted him armor, crafted him a Yamatai katana and he robbed me, took loads of stuff. When I confronted him, he just left the clan and today I log on and it said that I got killed by him. But my base was unharmed, my thralls and pets unharmed… How did he, a noob, get past my defenses? Im really upset and considering deleting the game. His psn ID is . My psn is and the server is 3152. Can you please look into that, I think he took advantage of some bug that allowed him to get back into my clan or something. I have no idea how he did it. Please help Funcom, I don’t know what to do. Should I start over in single player, I just don’t feel safe anymore, game’s all buggy and full of negative people. Might just delete the game to avoid the aggravation.

Theres also another issue. Every day when I log on, some of my settings are reset, namely the aim sensitivity, it doesn’t save and takes ages to set back down to 25. I hope this helps you to make the game better. Have a good day.

does he still have a bed/bed roll in your base? If so, destroy it. He is logging in there.

Yeah that was it. Today when he logged on, he was trapped in my bedroom. Had to remove bracelet. He swapped servers now. Lmao too funny. I aint even mad anymore. This game rocks lmao.

You should edit your post and remove both PSN ID’s it’s against the community guidelines to post them publicly. Sounds like you sorted out the situation. Be very careful who you invite to your clan just because they are low level doesn’t mean they are new. They may have just restarted or came over from another server.

Now , it keeps saying server is full… And that the land is already claimed inside my own base, cant even build. Please fix this. Also allow manual placement of building blocks and the over lapping of other existing and previously placed building blocks. Thank you for reading. This is going to give me an ulcer lol. Peace.

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