What about no owner / another player / login?

Funcom, when fix this ? We still dont know who stole/take from equipment.
And why is a problem with login at about 7 am, even if nobody on server. I try 20 times, server overflow. (this happening before everyone came in from PS+ conan free)

This is a great concern. I manage a private server and we try to police offline raiding. It is a free for all right now.

Hey there,

That’s a few issues thrown into the same pot. Let me go one by one:
-Regarding the no owner issue, our team has fixed it internally and it should be released in the next patch.
-Regarding not being able to see the player names in the event log, we have a poll going on now to see what settings should be set to default on official servers. We’re also working on adding those options for private server admins in the future as for the moment it’s still being tested.
-Regarding the buffer overflow issue, did you get disconnected from that server previously due to a crash or restart?

Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you for your response.
I have not been disconnected, I start the game before leaving for work every day, around 6:30, yesterday and the day before yesterday I tried to log in, its about 20/30 minutes (many times overflow). Today log on for the first time. (WOW feeling lucky :slight_smile: )
This is happening, since I wrote an earlier post, the game did not load from 6:30 to 7:20, there was no progress bar, it was worked few minutes later at about 7:30, the progres bar loaded normally and logon. Someone wrote about it too.
But next days, have problem with overflow.

When I’ve been disconnected sometimes, there is no problem with quick back to the game. (ps4 pro)

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Usually that error is related to players who get disconnected forcefully from a server and when trying to log back in, they get that error until the server “properly” disconnects their player character.

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