My "no owner" clan have been robbed by "unknown player"

Game mode: [On | miultiplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US]

I know you probably know this annoying problem of all structures and players has lost their actions attribution in the event log.
By removing “player tag attribution” per each type of construction block, you have gain a lot of loading time for bases buildings…
Now, when we get raided or robbed by someone. Its impossible to know who did the action and on the same time, screw the whole gameplay experience on pvp server.

So, my question his simple… When its gonna be patch???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.look your “no owner” building totaly destroyed…
2.look the event log to understand it was done by a unknown player
3.get mad…
4.clap clap clap clap funcom

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They fixed it and then they broke it, again. The stuttering, the loot lag, the blood on the screen… everything is back. The game was something to brag about, a month ago ( at long last). Now, it is the same trash I originally abandoned. I only returned because friends were telling me that my every complaint was addressed. I returned a month ago and was quite pleased. I built a new T3 base and now feel as though I have wasted efforts…again. Funcom has been added to the list along side of Activision and EA. Never again.


I wrote in this forum for test live it wasn’t a good idea when players wanted name removed they misunderstood what we meant we didn’t want to see our own clan mates taking things from chests or every little thing our clans mate do. If someone destroyed or attack/ robbed keep there name in the event log but it’s fun crom what you expect glad I stopped playing pvp especially after they lowered health on vaults. Guess they like losing players all my friends quit and I rarely play anymore til I get my pc for the mod support which fun crom should’ve made equal across all platform’s from the get go. Hopefully they learn for future updates but I doubt it.

Yea im about to dip out as well they don’t test update files before releasing it and nerf things that dont need to be nerfed so im assuming they are trying to make ppl stop playing by nerfing weapons buffing enemies and making npcs impossible to stun while a group of npcs can stagger lock us till death hyper armor doesn’t work if skeletons are unstunable

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What gets me is now I must destroy everyone on my server cause of one person killing my camel I dont know who so everyone must be destroyed safety first. That’s hours of gameplay for one person stupidity


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