Suggestion for using Discord

Suggestion for using Discord, and have seperate channels for certain discussions. It will also be easier to manage and easier finding the right chat group than on here.

There isn’t an official discord, however they do endorse the fan-run community discord server.

You can use threads if you want to section off a particular discussion, and it creates a temporary channel for that topic.

There are quite of few Conan Exiles discords.

Someone started one for 1941 official server for example.

Below is some important Discord Links:
There is one for general Conan exiles. Conan Exiles
There is one for Roleplay servers. Conan Exiles RP
One for Server Admins. Admins United: Conan
One for Mod Authors. Conan Exiles Modding
One related to Building (and a few mods as well) Better Builders Bureau

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Ok, thanks for the info, I was just wondering :slight_smile:


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