Suggestion : shortcut enhancement for arrows

When we use the bow, it is complicated to change the type of arrow.
At best we lose time, at worse it is almost impossible during a fight (go into the inventory, change the arrows, back to fight)…
It could be enhanced by having a shortcut to change the type of the arrow.

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Its fairly straightforward to imagine this on keyboard, but for controller it would need some consideration. Maybe if you lock an arrow and hit another button it cycles to the next available arrow in your inventory?

I don’t know if this works for you, but if you equip the arrows on the hotbar, you can swap back and forth with the bow equipped. Its cumbersome on a controller, but if you’re using Mouse and Keyboard, it should be relatively easy.

I usually just equip two bows.

Would it be broken to simply have the poison automatically re-apply if it’s equipped to your hotbar? Or function like arrows do where the game “remembers” that you want to apply x consumable to y weapon?

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Same here, two or more bows. But I think a macro could also work. If your mouse or KB has a macro editor it should be a cinch! Third party macro editors that can place the cursor should work as well.

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