What happened with the bow?

Why we can’t use more two different arrow with bow ?
It’s a bug ?

I can’t use combo arrow explo and poison WTF how can raid ?

Can you explain what your problem exactly is? What are you trying to do that doesn’t work?

I’ve seen some people reporting an apparent bug that some arrow types are not working properly. So far I haven’t experienced this issue first-hand, but I’m using just normal (iron/steel/razor) arrows, not any fancy specialist ones. I’ll need to try explosive arrows soon because I’m going to need some star metal.

I think some arrows are also restricted and could be used only with specific bows. I don’t know if this is still the case.

It’s simple we can’t use explosive arrow and poison

arrow with same bow like before.

So how i can raid solo…?

Am on PlayStation serv but XBOX have this problem to.


There is a bug since 3.0 that prevents you from shooting explosive arrows when you equip them from the hotbar.

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Ah. I’ve only used explosive arrows to crack meteors, which means I’m in no hurry to equip them and have always swapped them from the inventory view. My hotbar is too busy to have multiple sets of arrows on it anyway.

Just successfully reproduced this on PC.

  1. Put multiple arrows on hot bar
  2. Equip bow
  3. Equip arrow from hotbar
  4. Fire one arrow, everything is good
  5. Equip a different arrow with keypress on hotbar
  6. Fire arrow, goes through the animation, no arrow fires
  7. Equip arrow from backpack, all is good

The issue appears to be the bow and hotbar interaction.

Bring multiple bows

While a good workaround, it would be preferable for the bug to be addressed and resolved.

I do this to color code with dlc bows so i k ow which i am shooting wothout having to remember.
Purple- Poison
Orange- explosive

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Place 1 arrow from each arrow in the hot bar. So you have 1 poison and 1 explosive in hotbar and 99 of each in inventory.

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