Suggestion: Vanity sets and themes: Pirate Stuff

I have a request for Funcom. Could we be given more pirate themed social attire? Maybe even some pirate themed questing for a future event.

I want to dress my char up like this

Or something similar. And of course outfits for the ladies.

And can we get more eye patches in game? They’re impossible to get anymore.

you can still get eyepatches in the food crates i think

There is one full pirate set from WB. 4 Pirate set in shop (1 for each archetype), 4 pirate shirt in common district and eyepatch in crates in game (not bound and tradable).

The shop sets are not available if you miss em during leveling, so no option for 80’s. However there is also the chance to gather pirate pieces during one of the random kithai travel quests that brings you to a pirate cove/Island.
Just google “aoc cynara pirate” to learn about the options of pirate gear on this Island.

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