Summer Hours Coming?

You all planning on turning back on the 2 week summer timers?
In case you had not noticed, it is JUNE and that usually = a summer month.
and also if you had not noticed, move vaxx levels & COVID # dropping…so ppl might want to go outside and actually do something IRL other than sit it front of a TV and wait to get into one of the servers that are constantly either full or crashing.

so Funcom…what say you?

We had been on xmas holiday timers till a month ago…

It’s not summer where I am. And we’re still copping covid lockdowns here.

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Such a friendly fella…eat some icecream, it’ll help with your cramps…


It was a useless question. And it’s not summer yet. But I agree with you, crashing servers are a pain.

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Hello everyone,

We will be providing more information about the decay timers for the summer period soon so please keep an eye out on the News and Announcements forum category


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