Holiday decay timers

What I see in the topics, is that usually, for the summer holidays, the decay timers are doubled on official servers.

But when you are off 3 or 4 weeks without possibility to connect, do you lose everything?

I love this game I discovered 2 months ago. It is hard to lose everything you built just because you are away during summer time…

Is it possible to extend to 1 month the decay timers for example during the summer?

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@herve2272 ,Give me some info here , you play pc , PS4 or Xbox ? Then you play official , private or solo ? I may have a solution for you but I need these info . Warning , I don’t need more than : I play official pc pve (for example) .

Yes you will lose everything.

They will not do this. Best get ready to body vault all of your “stuff”


Nice one but there other ways too . First the info then the details :wink: .

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