What if two weeks holiday decay timer just isn't enough

Hi. It’s nice that you crank up the decay timer to two weeks but you know, there are these countries out there that are more liberal with holidays for their staff and I’ve just realized that during my three week holiday I will loose everything I’ve built on three servers. Is there no way to get round this without losing everything I’ve got anyway by merging into a clan of strangers?

Nope. You could pack as much of your hard-to-get stuff into your character’s inventory as you can until you hit the 200-slot cap.

It used to be that other clans could reset your decay for you using Explosive Jars, which was convenient in PvE, but was inconvenient in PvP, so they patched it out.

the 14 days all year round is the best option, look at ark there are 17 days of clemency all year round and the users are more active there, funcom please once I lost everything because of this, why not leave the 14 days all year round?

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Sounds like it’s private servers from now on then, like god forbid people have lives in the real world too. Well thanks for taking the time to reply. :confused:

You wait. I’m sure Tencent will find a way to squeeze cash out of it. “You find clemency in store, cheap cheap. Only 2000 coin” :wink:

I agree that two weeks is far more reasonable. The one week timer is actually what gets me to body my best loot and stop playing :confused:

You have to find a balance, sometimes it’s not a question of playing, but rather a lack of time. The worst that could happen is that people lose motivation and stop playing. That’s the worst option. Why are they more active there if they are both great survival games?

I actually own Ark but I haven’t played it yet. I bet if they polled the community on what they felt was a good number for decay, ranging from 1 week to 1 month, most would probably prefer somewhere in that 2-3 week period, with an extended week in the summer.

I find it odd that decay time is half in the summer for exiles

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