Survivor's Crucible | 18+ (E)RP, PvPvE

Survivor's Crucible is written with a very hands off approach in mind. Our goal is to create a world with the players, that even after an (inevitable) season reset, the pre-existing world will carry on as a part of the server's lore (should the player owner choose to allow it.)

The world we all inhabit is designed to grow and flourish as the lore becomes richer through player action, interaction and consequence. It’s for this reason that the admins on the server have (for the most part) taken an entirely hands off approach to how players interact and resolve disputes.

Our focus is to pull the lines between PvE, PvP, and RP as close to each other as possible, and ensure that all of these things flow together seamlessly. To this end, we’ve begun development of exclusive mods that will enhance the server, in time, focusing specifically on the combat system of the game.

Through this we hope to re-balance and bring life to weapon sets that are loved, but not great in certain settings, as well as adjust the balance of existing weapon arsenals to not have such a wide power gap.

We look forward to sharing a story with you, and hope to see you soon!

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Server Settings
-No Drop on Death
-Bodies do not remain in world
-Purges at this time are on used for events
-Harvesting rate 3x
-EXP Rate 3x
-40 player capacity
-388 Attribute Point Starter kit!! To bring end game total to 1005

-Glass Constructions and More
-Thrall Wars
-Unlock Plus
-Roleplay Asthetics
-Savage Steel I and II
-Exiles Extreme
-Less Building Placement Restrictions
-Age of Calamitous
-Improved Quality of Life

It’s been about a week since we’ve opened and alliances and enemies are being made! Adventurers are striking out new ground and the Outsiders and Exiles are starting to clash! Come join in on the fun! RP as an Exile or one our many ‘Outsider’ races! Will there be turmoil or will there be peace forged as time moves on?

There are still plenty of spots available on our server. Lots of real estate waiting to be claimed!

Happy Friday Exiles! Our second week has flown by, and we are growing! Come join us this week as the relic hunters dive into the Dregs in search of goodies! We are running our second pop up event through Sunday! Come help us discover what the relic hunters are up to! Maybe there’s something going on, or maybe they’ve just come across some good finds!

We’ve also started to implement Thrall Wars quests to fit with our server lore! There is still lots of real estate for the taking!