Sword passing through enemies


Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [thailand]

when fighting enemies in single player. so far only humans(everwhere) and crocodiles(only in the tomb) about 30-50 percent of my attacks pass through doing no damage. 90 percent of the time if i attack a person who was sitting down neither off us can attack each other without moving about 3-4 meters. this is only when locked on with q. i have a video if you want but dont know how to upload it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.attack any human npc


yeah i got the same issue, when i swing sword and looking down it dosnt hit the crocodile or anything, i have to be on same gound leve to actualy hit it, its the same thing with the Axe too, its realy annoying and not fun to play like that, i hope they fix that bug soon, yes i play singelplayer too.


i can confirm some npc’s have No collusion I’ve seen this mostly with thralls in games when they are next to a hut


yeah, i had one issue with that when i tryed to get an blacksmith he got stuck in hes anvil and when i destroyed it he could be hitable again… stupid bug >>


I have this issue as well, but if you do 10 steps in any direction you start to damage it. I think the issue is the same when you try get some stone but cannot and should find some place when it works (for some stones only).


hm… I thought it is a reach issue… I can only hit crocodiles with daggers when I am definitely looking at the ground. below them.

ALSO tent armor… human NPC under tents get no damage whatsoever.
Solution? destroy the tent first… Pretty lame. because they can hit you under that ■■■■.


My experience with tents is that neither I nor the NPC can hit each other while under one, until one or the other kites its opponent “outside”.


You know there’s a bug with the tents right? When under the tents the NPC are imune to any dmg, and they can kick you axx! :joy:


They don’t kick anything. All I see is two dummasses dancing around each playing air swordplay :).