Can't hit hostile NPC's when they are under a tent

Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

When raiding NPC camps, if an NPC is under a tent they are invulnerable. I’ve tried many different weapons and all have no effect.

On luring the NPC out from underneath the tent I can then hit and damage them.

If they go back under the tent they become invulnerable again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find an NPC exile under a tent
  2. Try to hit him while he is under the tent

That one is known issue friend

Side note to this as it’s not entirely accurate either. Bows seem to do normal damage to enemies under tents

What is this girl talking about? This is a mistake for everyone!

I’ve found that I myself am immune to melee attacks under certain parts of a tent.

Sadly i have found it’s not just tents. Sometimes trees at cave entrances but mostly tents/awnings. It’s a big problem that really badly needs a fix. Didn’t notice it on the patch notes yesterday so i’ll assume it’s still here. Fully released game should not have these problems let alone having to endure it for months after release.
The only work around is to get them to move a couple of steps.
If they’re an annoying archer that wont move you have to destroy the tent first or run away & get them to chase you.

Also what’s annoying by this tent bug is the new issue where thralls are not actually attacking you until you hit first.
Too bad you can’t get first hit when they ivulnerable under the tent…

My fix for this is to melee hit a wooden part of the tent they are under and then I can damage the NPC whilst they are still under the tent. (And usually they will start fighting back, but aggro and staying aggro’d against me can still be buggy)
This has worked for me both when they have been shooting at me but I couldn’t damage them when I got into melee range and also when I’ve gotten close without them attacking me and I could not deal them damage.