NPC structures (tents) preventing damage

Game mode: All
Problem: Bug
Region: All

I’ve noticed that attempting to strike any hostile NPC that is underneath a structure, such as a tent, is impossible. Archers are a real pita as intended, but when running up to them and trying to kill them whilst they remain under their tents renders them invulnerable and leads to much frustration. The only player solution is to draw them out with line of sight and then kill them.

This is not limited to the archer type, but they are often firing from their initial location and an easy way to replicate this issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Approach an Exile encampment
  2. Find an Archer NPC under a tent
  3. Attempt to strike the archer without pulling it from under the tent
  4. LOS the archer so as to draw it from its location, then strike it
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Happens to me literally all the time! It’s so bad at the Black Galleon and Buccaneer’s Bay specifically


Same happens to me. I have to lure the mobs out from underneath the tents, etc before my weapon swing will register as a damaging attack against them.