You cannot target NPC enemies when under a tent or structure

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [Oceania]

If you are attacking npc thralls to enslave or kill them, and they are under a tent or other awning structure which includes any structure at camps, you cannot target them. You just stand there whiffling past them, no damage.

Often because of the current issue with aggro on npcs they might even just stand there and ignore you, but most of the time they will strike you and they have no problem hitting you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. log on to online server
  2. go to any NPC camp e.g., those around Black Galleon with tents etc
  3. attack an NPC under a structure/tent/roof
  4. miss repeatedly.

This was a problem long before the last patch. I initially thought it was because of them being too close to their spawn point but it seems that if you run under a completely different tent, the npc’s gain the same invincibility. I wish they’d fixed stuff like this instead of adding that horrible mouseover boom to the UI.

Perhaps this is a way to ensure they NPCs don’t die due to sandstorm?

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Thats a very good observation and could well be the reason.

Players can’t deal or receive melee damage under tents → Under investigation

@PitMonk I have also come across this issue.
many times… and have been able to lure or kite some of the thralls out from under the tents… but it is very difficult to do with archers, as they tend to go back under the structure and fire arrows.

I am guessing it is a geometry, or hitbox issue with tent structures that prevents either dealing or receiving damage while under/inside the tents.


Its simple right now, just destroy the tent to get at them.

We’re talking about npc’s, not players.

You can’t destroy npc’s tents. in fact, you can’t destroy anything in the npc camps now. They’re untouchable.

It will be the same cause in both directions mate. (probably the tent) When they fix one, it will fix the other too.

Must be yet another bug then, because I can destroy the tents at the Galleon on my PvE server, always have been able to. (Just tested it to make sure) They take a bit more damage now, but DO fall.

I hit one of the tent poles twice with my weapon and am able to engage npc’s under tents. I was doing it this morning, its always worked.

All very odd. I spent ages hacking away at a npc’s darfari chime just to see if it would break, nothing.

It’s possible to engage npc’s under tents and they can damage you but your hits (or my hits!) do zero damage to them until they’re clear of the tent.

Been shooting them with bows from afar without problem, stabbing them with swords up close after I whack the tent poles (only have to whack one of them and not destroy the tent). When I can’t hit I back off and whack the pole and wade back in and it always works no matter where I am and whether or not they stay under the tent.
Give it a whack :smiley:

Explosives are your friend. I have a catapult set up and some barrages to send their way. It wrecks everything.

i just hit them with my taming mace, so they start reacting, for some reason this thing hits most times will other weapons do not .

you can destroy the tents, just did it last night at the black Galion where there several tents with untouchable npc’s.

Simply pick and hit the pillars, after some hit, tent will vanish, and the npc’s mostly run up to you. I had bearers and fighters sitting on ground ignoring me, then when tent was destroyed it was like they would be able to see me only then. Some act like normal but can’t be hit under the tents.

Sometime bit tricky to destroy the tents, but it’s working as workaround. Of course this issue need a fix, no discussion.

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