NPC's become no damage under tents

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [EU]

Hi there,

The Bug that NPC’s dont become damage under tents is still online? =(

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Yep, I’m still noticing this

Yea there are numerous threads about this & I can’t believe with all the apparent bug fixes they just released that this one was not implemented. It is by far the most annoying bug (For me anyways, apart from the new timer stuff up)

It’s tents what make npc undamagable ? ok I notice npcs undamagable, but i didn’t know why…

Its reversed, if you are under a tent, you can’t do damage. You can still kill the NPC under the tent with arrows and throwing weapons from outside.

This has been a problem for a long long time tents are allso still unremovable…tents op

It is near impossible to do melee damage to npc’s that are under tents, but also npc’s that are not under tents can sometimes not be damaged.

I’m melee class so i always have to lure them out. But in SP i can destroy the tent poles which makes them hittable too. It’s the spawn points for sure, because as soon as they move 2 steps i can always kill them.
But being that most of them are archers they don’t move until you are on top of them or behind something.

I just made a thread of this along with a few other things, i mainly want to know whether the devs have acknowledged this problem. I’ve only heard players mentioning it. It has been happening for far too long for a fully released game, along with other things…

I don’t want to give the game a bad review, but the time is coming where i can no longer put up with all this. There are too many fully released games out there that i could be playing. Shame cos i want to play Conan Exiles i really do, but Funcom is not helping.