NPCs do not take damage under Tents. [PC]

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private server & Singleplayer
Version: Current Live
Problem: Bug

Free text:
So NPCs in desert have those “sail” tents and when attacking NPCs under those tents your weapon do not register NPC and you just swing air. I tested it multiple times at NPC Archer who sit under tent in Scoundrel’s Gateway. I also noticed NPCs in north also have that problem but always when they are under or in some shelter building or tent. My weapon does not hit em no matter from what angle or distance I swing (I used long sword). It might have something to do with weapon hitting “tent” hitbox? I dont know. But this wasnt an issue before combat system update.

Also I watched streamers having same issue aswell. It does not happen often but some camps and some tents make NPCs not hittable.

Repro steps:

  1. NPC archer sits under tent in Scounder’s Gateway
  2. I sneak behind her and swing my long sword right behind her
  3. No damage, she gets up and stats shooting me and do damage to me while my attacks do not hit.
  4. I need to pull NPC outside of tent and then kill em.

Edit: I use no mods.

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Players also take no melee damage under those tents, but you can still get hit with arrows.

Players DO take melee damage by those NPCs which are immune to damage under the tents. And this happens at many different locales, but always involving tents. I always get slaughtered unless I run away and pull the NPCs away from the tents. I also noticed that the health bar does not appear as it usually does when fighting an npc or monster. So their immunity probably has something to do with that. This bug has killed me or my thrall several times and I find it to be the most disruptive bug in the game. Please address asap.

Smack one of the tent poles twice with your melee weapon before you engage the thrall. It works for me on PC. Haven’t had a problem at all shooting them with bows from a distance.