NPC's are invincible when under an awning or tarp?

Game mode: PVP and PVE Server
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

When going to the Black Galleon to fight NPC’s, I run across a repeating issue with some being invincible while standing under the sails and tarps. It most commonly occurs with the Tanner NPC, who I must lure out onto the edge of the ship before being able to kill them. This also occurs with some of the archer and fighter NPC’s that spawn above the smelting and crafting area, or on the south edge of the ship. I’m not sure if this is a server bug or a game bug, but I figure I would report it and see if anyone else was having the same issue. The issue isn’t also specifically tied to the Black Galleon, since I have experienced it in many other camps and locations around the map.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try attacking NPC’s who spawn under tarps and awning on the Black Galleon.
  2. If you cannot damage them while under the tarp, lure them out from beneath it.

yea it’s annoying, you have to lure archers out into the open. and it’s not just on the black galleon, it’s world wide

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Everyone has to deal with this one. Makes fighting any tent heavy camps (Black Hand especially) a pain. :frowning:

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Damn near got killed at one Black Hand camp 'cause the pirate fella couldn’t be hit under the tent and he was doing damage to me, until I lured him out …
and splattered his skull with my mace. Then hit him some more just for spite.

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Tarps generate invisible force fields to protect the occupants. It’s totally intended.

Just tear down that sonofab!tch tent first and you will be fine. :smiley:

But still this needs a fix.

Glad to see I’m not the only one having this issue, though tarps and awnings in general seemed bugged altogether. No melee allowed under the tent, but arrows work just fine as does just tearing down the tent (npc tents anyway.)

Same issue (single player).

Prior to 1.0 both npc’s and the player were invulnerable (no hit detection) under npc tents.

In 1.0 npc’s can hit the player but (usually) not the other way around. In one case i was stubborn because it was a lvl II blacksmith that i wanted to have, and at some point i was able to hit him and knock him unconscious.

I find enemies still cannot hit me with melee weapons while I’m under those tents.
Arrows can hit me and melee weapons can strike my shield, but melee weapons pass through my character and deal no damage.

This bug is very annoying.